self catering holiday cottages with coarse fishing lakes in Devon


Netting Winter/Spring 2014

Netting of South Farms Lake in January/ February 2014, this is done because our fish breed and we need to remove small fish otherwise our lakes become over stocked and the fish will not grow on and stay healthy. The smaller silver fish and Small Perch are put into Marlpit lake. We moved a few smaller Carp from Home Lake to Lower Ram, to allow the remaining large Carp to grow on.

Fishing first class, all the fish in excellent condition in very well kept lakes. We will be recommending to all our fishing colleagues. Thank you once again. Audrey & Richard Barlow, Poole.

....Incredible fishing, views & atmosphere

.....great week of fishing on almost exclusive lakes in a beautiful location

....pulled a 2lb perch out of Lower ram, lovely fish. Thank you for the lovely stay, see you in 2014, the Westropes clan.

....a simply wonderful week of relaxing and fishing. Thank you, the Harris family Virginia USA

First time here and like the last guests to write in this book, it wont be our last, have had a great week. Fishing has been great, my son has caught well over a 100 carp surface fishing and my husband close to 100 carp on pole.

Thanks, Sharon, Vince, Jak & Lauren

All lakes fished well as per usual, 155 carp 2lb – 10lb mostly, some roach, bream and tench. Fished only one rod all holiday Angela & Richard Middlesex

I caught 22 carp, biggest 9lb 3oz. I enjoyed riding at Sheldon stables and swimming in the pool. Tazmin aged 11

...luncheon meat produce good all round fishing with hard fighting carp....boat corner produced good chub to 3lb 2oz around the island. Paul, Stu, Rod - April

....a 6lb chub on cheese -Adrian -June

...excellent fishing on top 2 lakes. Large numbers of small carp using maggot and bread.40-50 fish per session ranging from 5oz to 11lb.  Gary,Jo-..Feb

Top lakes great for a bit of fun and for new anglers. Baits that work-just about everything. June

Specimen lake fishing excellent-steady all week. Wendy, Robin .Sept

..nothing big landed today but it is clear there are some very large carp present. Smashed twice on 8lb Maxima you have been warned. Andy

Excellent fishing holiday already booked for next year. Ruth, Paul, Rob and Alex.

Kudos to South Farm for providing, maintaining and wanting to improve such an excellent fishery. I will be back for a twenty. Andy

Excellent fishing holiday weekend, very nice accommodation and brilliant surroundings. the Scousers

Rags Is Cool, a cheeky Jack Russell Chris...BUT...Beware of Rags when fishing-he loves munching your bait if you don't watch him. Gary, Brian and Lewis

Fished either side of island-pole and feeder down to overflow 20lb 1oz, 13lb 6oz, small carp. I chub- 3lb. All on maggot. Feb

On the specimen and the Bridge Lake we have had so many carp we have lost count. Che had 3 inches snapped off his rod when he was reeling in a big fish. He would like to have known how big it was. Che and Zoe

A grand place to stay. Banbury, Oxon

Top Lake, a bite a cast on maggots.. All fish in great condition. Good fishing and tight lines. Gemma and Paul

Fishing lake - Marlpit Lake

This slightly more remote lake is nestled within a small copse and is where we have now put most of our small fish for rearing purposes. Nevertheless, if you want to try fishing it to try out your light tackle you are more than welcome.

Fishing is restricted to resident only to make it a great venue for a fishing holiday.

Fishing lake - Upper Ram

This is an ideal small lake for children looking to fish in a safe and comfortable environment where the fishing is not too difficult and very rewarding. A good confidence booster to ensure your children will develop the skills necessary to ensure success on more challenging waters, whilst appreciating the most magnificent surroundings and distant views. Carp, tench and a perch can be caught in this lake. A perfect lake to give beginners a great fishing holiday.

Do not forget you need a rod licence to fish on our lakes these are available to buy on line from the Environment Agency

South Farm holiday fishing holidays in Devon

holiday cottages in Devon with well stocked fishing lakes open all year

telephone 01823 681078

Fishing lake  - Lower Ram

This is our largest lake and stocked well mostly with Common and Mirror Carp up to the mid teens but mostly in the 8oz to 4lb range.Also in this lake you will catch Perch, Chub and tench as well Roach Ideal if you are happy to put in the effort, 100lb of fish can often be exceeded. we have introduced trout into this lake to give you a even better fishing holiday experience. We restrict the use of keep nets on this lake.

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Fishing lake - Home Lake

This lake is where the larger carp hang out. Even so, it is still possible to catch up to twenty fish a day. As well as Mirrors, Koi and Common Carp there are also specimen Chub, Perch Tench Roach and Bream. Due to the size and quality of the fish, we do not allow keep nets on this lake.

This lake was netted in January 2015 and many of the small silver fish were removed. These are now being reared in Marlpit Lake.

Fishing is restricted to resident only to make it a great venue for a fishing holiday.

 environmental policy
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South farm can provide a great fishing holiday in Devon.

Day ticket fishing is available on Upper and Lower Ram lakes at £7 per rod per day. If you want to use keep nets we ask that you use our own and please ensure you dip your own landing nets in the tanks provided at the gate to the Lakes.

Parking is available next to the gates of the lakes and we would ask you to purchase your ticket from the South Farm office.

Tickets are restricted to six day tickets a day and from 1 hour after sunrise to 1 hour after sunset.

Please use barbless hooks and unhooking mats and if you use our keepnets please can you let us see your catch before returning as we may want to move some of the fish between lakes.

Please note we have an otter that  visits during the winter months so we erect a low level electric fence December until April, which seems to be doing the job, but please be careful not to make contact.


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South Farm Fishing Holidays in Devon

all year round great fishing holidays in Devon

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The work we do to make your fishing holidays special.

To complement the fishing at South Farm we have introduced Rainbow trout to Lower Ram and Home lakes, their size range from 1/2 lb to 2 1/2 lbs.

The rules for the trout fishing are as with all the fishing at south farm, catch and release.

Now your fishing holidays can be even better!

South farm can provide great fishing holidays in Devon.

Our fishing lakes are naturally spring fed from the adjoining hills, which ensures a fine stock of hard fighting Carp some in excess of 20 lbs, Chub in excess of 6 lbs plus specimen Roach, Tench, Silver Bream Crucian Carp and Perch all in prime condition. We are confident that you will find the lakes and their tranquil and beautiful surroundings to your liking and that you will return again and again, like many of our regulars, to seek out some of our more elusive specimens.

All our self catering cottages are very close to Home lake, Lake cottage 30m, Carp 50m, Oaktree 70m, Coshes garden 80m, Cinders cottage 90m, Stables cottage 95m and the Farm house is 50 meters add about 250 meters to get to Lower Ram

Now all of our cottages accept pets. South Farm is now the place to have your dog friendly fishing holiday.

Fishing is FREE to all residents of South Farm holiday cottages in Devon.

Following our week in Cinders Cottage and would like to express our thanks, the welcome was warm and friendly and a guided tour of the lakes was most unexpected but welcome. The accommodation was spot-on and we wanted for nothing (well OK, maybe a little less wind..!). As promised below are our weights for each days fishing…

Once again many thanks…..

Dave, Barry, Alan and Howard

What the fishermen say about South Farm fishing holidays in Devon

and prices


As part of our ongoing fish management program and in order to give visiting fishermen more variety we have introduced some Crucian Carp up to 3/4 lb. and Silver Bream up to a 1lb into Marlpit Lake and supplemented the already well stocked Home Lake with tench up to 2 lb. and some specimen Ghost carp.

We have now removed most of the small fish from Lower Ram and introduced some Chub up to 5lbs, Perch and some Carp

A floating Island has now been now been built on Lower ram. Islands are an important feature of any pond, they extend the length of the bank where vegetation can colonise, and also create ‘safe’ places for wildlife.

Here you see us netting home lake to remove the small silver fish and many small Perch, these were put into Marlpit and we also moved some small Roach into upper Ram. This will help our stock of Larger Fish to continue grow and stay heathy.

Island building autumn 2011

Netting Home Lake winter 2011

Netting lower Ram spring 2009

New stock spring 2013

To supplement the stock in Home Lake we have added

Carp up-to 8lbs, Tench up-to 2lb, Golden Rudd,

Bream up-to 2lb.

3 6lb Mirror Carp were also added to Lower Ram Lake.

New stock Autumn 2013

To supplement the stock we have added Mirror Carp and Crucian Carp to Lower Ram, and to Home Lake we have added Tench, Golden Rudd and Silver Bream.

A huge thank you to Gary and Debbie for yet another fantastic stay at South Farm. The fishing was fantastic, with Lower Ram producing bags of carp weighing in at 62lb, 65lb, 115lb and 82lb. Home Lake was more challenging but the fish caught were in superb condition. Thank you again for making our stay superb.
Best Regards Neil and Malc.

Home Lake Clean out February 2014

Periodically we need to clean the silt from Home lake, these photo’s show this with a small digger in the Lake. It usually takes a couple of days but this year proved to be difficult because of the heavy rain, but we managed and this will improve the fishing.

Home Lake

Lower Ram

Netting spring 2015

Netting of South Farms Fishing Lake in January 2015, this is done because our fish breed so we need to remove small fish otherwise our lakes become over stocked and the fish will not grow on and stay healthy.

This is some of the work we do to make your fishing holiday special

Netting spring 2016

This is something we try do every year, it helps to keep our fish stocks healthy by removing the small fry it allows the larger fish to thrive.

and prices
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